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New Forks, LLC is an independent, start-up media company and produces Space Lifestyle Magazine, a paid quarterly online magazine on space and the space sector, and the related SLM/ISX Blog. Included in issues of the magazine are personal accounts of missions, scientists, engineers, business people, and the science and technology that make the diverse field of space what it is today. The blog intends to give insight and commentary on space, space exploration and the space sector.

A soon-to-be released publication will have issues that will be free online and delivered via email.

Space Lifestyle Magazine, whose tagline is "Space With Your Life in Mind," is meant for those interested in space both personally and professionally. Read an issue to get inspired. Read an issue for your own interest. Or simply, share an issue with family and friends. To get a copy sent to you, go to the homepage at the link above and buy an issue.

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