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Autonomous Opportunities

A ministry in Spiritual Direction started by David Bullock, NBC-HWC, MA evolved into a profession of Health and Wellness Coaching he has shared with his wife, Claudia Bullock, Mayo Clinic Program Cert. Comp. and they bring their training to the public:

David's Spiritual Direction services include: Individual Spiritual Direction, Group Spiritual Direction, Quiet Days and Retreats, and Online Morning Prayer

David Bullock has Spiritual Direction experience in Discernment, Creativity, the Sciences, Prayer Life, Journaling, Online Ministry, and Spiritual Direction to the Spiritual But Not Religious and Spiritual Independents.

David and Claudia Bullock have experience in Health and Wellness Coaching for behavior change in career, relationships, wealth, health, self-efficacy and spirituality.

For a session, either of us can meet face to face, phone or online.

Finding the Spirit Through You

David Bullock received a Certificate in Spiritual Direction in 2015 and a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Direction in 2020 from the General Theological Seminary in Manhattan by taking classes in its Center for Christian Spirituality.

He also has been a member of Spiritual Directors International since 2015. He has been a Spiritual Companion to people of many faiths and denominations.

Claudia and David Bullock have started offering Health and Wellness Coaching in 2022. They are trained and certified with the completion of the Mayo Clinic’s Health and Wellness Coaching Prorgram. Since April 2023 David is an NBC-HWC.

When not doing Spiritual Direction, or Coaching, both Claudia and David work for NY Fire Consultants and NYFSI. David is an Administrative Assistant and Fire Safety Inspector and Claudia is an Administrative Assistant there as well. David is also a VP of Project Management for The Beyond Earth Institute and as a writer for a space communications company, which includes the website David is an ELCA Lutheran and Claudia is a Roman Catholic. They attend services together in churches of the New York City/Westchester Metro Area.

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20